About us

Sport Pro Agency is composed of a team that understands the changing needs of the sports world and also of the players and coaches. Therefore on one hand SPA takes care of the all the professional aspects for its clients while on the other hand it helps build their client’s image through various social media, image campaigns and advertising sponsorships.

SPA help its clients with

  • Searching of clubs in which the client may pursue their sport goals
  • Contract negotiation with clubs
  • Resolving disputes between clients and the clubs
  • Creating and managing profiles in all social media
  • Providing care through a sport psychologist
  • Seeking individual sponsors
  • Caring of the client’s image
  • Tax advisory
  • Financial advice
  • Individual diet plans
  • Career development
  • Basic legal consultations.

Our main motto is “quality, not quantity”. Providing care of the highest quality to each and every client is what distinguishes SPA from other agencies. SPA wants their clients to play in the best clubs in Poland and Europe but also wants to carefully choose the right club for each one of their clients based on their particular skills.

The fact that SPA focuses on quality and not quantity its clients always feel supported and treated fairly knowing that all the services provided by SPA meet their full expectations.